Once your heat pump and HRV unit is installed you will need to regularly maintain and service your system. Heat pumps are all about efficiency and by maintaining efficiency it will keep your running cost low and help it operate efficiently through its full life cycle. 

They require proper maintenance to:

  • Keep the air in your home free of microbial contamination
  • Keep your unit running efficiently
  • Avoid expensive repairs and replacements
  • Keep your warranty validated

Home Care Maintenance

  • Filters need to be cleaned every 4-6 weeks for maximum efficiency. Filters should be rinsed under water, to clean off dirt and dust. 
  • Replace filters when they cannot be sufficiently cleaned or are damaged
  • When Cleaning the filters, take the opportunity to wipe down any plastic surfaces.
  • Regularly check the outside unit and vents. Clean any obstructions such as grass or leaves. During the winter moths, ensure snow and frost do not build up.
  • Clean the vents with soap and water when they are dusty or dirty.

**Always disconnect power before cleaning **

Annual maintenance

Our professional HVAC technicians will look at your heat pump system once a year. During this inspection, they will look at your drain hoses, ensure that they are not blocked, check for refrigerant pressure and run a general systems operating test to ensure your system is running optimally.

For more information on our maintenance packages and pricing or to book an appointment, contact us at 902-220-6398.