Central Vacuum Purchases

If you're serious about having a cleaner, healthier home, we can help! Schellenberg Mechanical sells Power units and cleaning sets from Atlantic Vacuflo. Contact us today to find out about the different packages we can offer you!

Central Vacuum Installs 

If you live in a new construction home, your home probably has central vacuum piping already installed. Schellenberg Mechanical will just have to come in for 1-2 hours to install the vacuum cylinder and ensure everything is working to your satisfaction. If your home doesn't already have central vacuum piping installed, we can do a retro-fit for you! Our team will design a schematic layout of inlet valves based on cost, optimal performance and how you plan to use your system, with an attention to detail you'll appreciate every time you vacuum! Retrofits can take 1-2 days depending on the size of home.